Road to recovery

I believe that we engage in addictive behaviors because we are suffering from the pain of trauma, often due to adverse childhood experience. The path to relieving this pain is discovered in a process of deep self-awareness and the learning and integration of new approaches and attachment strategies.

It is only through engaging in this process that recovery can be both effective and sustainable. The work requires a holistic approach embracing mind, body and spirit

When we are stuck in a cycle of addictive behaviour we can question our identity and the meaning of our lives. Recovery is based on cultivating the wisdom of a rich inner terrain and the connection with interpersonal relationships.


Wisdom work

I am committed to helping couples and individuals to have meaningful relationships and overcome self-defeating behaviours related to substance misuse, including self-medicating with alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and other drugs. I can also help with behavioural problems associated with eating disorders, gambling addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour.

I recognise that the cause of all addiction can be found in deep personal pain and often a lack of connection. The solution requires a healing journey and the discovery of meaning, purpose and wisdom.

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