Frequently asked questions.

How long are your sessions?

Sessions range in length from 60 to 90 minutes. The duration depends on whether I am seeing you together as a couple or individually. The other factor that influences the length of the session is the content we are working through at the time. I’m very flexible in my approach and more focused on the quality of our time together. Being helpful and productive overrides any time limitations.

How many sessions will we need?

Every couple is unique and I don’t offer a “one size fits all” manualised approach. I also don’t want to simply alleviate symptoms, only to have them return in six months. The way I work is to really get to know you both as individuals and as a couple, so we can focus on the underlying cause of your relationship distress. After many years of experience working with couples, I have found that an initial 5 – 8 sessions can usually help to significantly reduce conflict, rebuild trust and gain clarity and confidence about the next steps. To go deeper and create permanent change, I recommend 12 sessions, which can either be spread fortnightly over six months or for a more intensive experience, weekly over 3 months.

After our first session, assuming we are both comfortable working together, I will invite you to commit to a minimum of 4 sessions. This ensures that our time together will achieve the first steps toward the breakthrough you are seeking on your relationship journey.

Sometimes a combination of both couple and individual sessions can also be helpful. Once the relationship has improved, many couples decide to continue in order to help consolidate the change, focus on deeper issues, and learn how to create a new vision for the future of their relationship. However, beyond the initial sessions, the duration of therapy is very much dependent on what needs to be resolved and your level of commitment to change.

Discernment counselling (for couples who are on the brink of divorce and are primarily seeking clarity and confidence about whether to divorce or engage in couple therapy) is limited to a maximum of 5 sessions.

Do you have experience working with high profile client couples?

I’m aware of the unique challenges faced by high profile clients, especially during a relationship crisis, and how critical it is to ensure absolute discretion and privacy at all times.  I have tailored an element of my services to specifically meet the needs of public figures, actors, media celebrities, sports personalities, athletes, medical professionals, CEO’s, politicians and other high profile individuals and couples. Please go here for more details.

I want couples counselling but my partner refuses to attend?

It only takes one partner to make a significant change in the relationship and I’m always open to seeing one half of the couple. Working with individuals is an integral part of my approach and I strongly encourage you to take the first step.

Do you offer online telehealth services?

Yes! In addition to working from my clinic in-person consultations, I have offered secure and confidential online sessions for many years for couples throughout the world. During the current Covid-19 crisis, all sessions will be online using secure Zoom technology.

What are your fees and do you offer insurance cover?

Your first session will be a minimum of 90 mins. The fee is based on your location:

United Kingdom: UK£200

Australia: AU$350

Rest of the world: US$275

After the first session you will have the opportunity to arrange a reduced fee package of between 4 and 12 sessions.

I do not offer Medicare rebates, accept insurance or submit document to insurance companies.

How can I pay for your service?

Once we have confirmed a mutually convenient time to meet via email or text, I will send you a link by email for you to arrange a convenient online payment. Payment is required 24 hours prior to our session.

Do you have experience working with LGBTQIA+ couples?

I embrace and respect sexual and relationship diversity including kink and polyamory and I welcome LGBTQI+ couples. I focus on the relational space between the couple and on treating the whole person regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. All sessions should be paid in full 48 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Cancellations 48 hours or more in advance of the appointment: In the event you need to cancel 48 hours or more prior to the appointment, you will be entitled to a full refund or you can choose to apply the payment to a new booking.
  • Cancellations 24 hours in advance of the appointment: If you cancel within 24 hours, a refund will not be available but you can still choose to apply the payment to a new booking.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours: Payments are not refundable and cannot be applied to a new booking.

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