Marriage Preparation.

Marriage Preparation Coaching will improve your chances of success by over 30%.

Learn how to build and sustain a successful and stable relationship.

Marriage Preparation Coaching, also known as pre-marital counselling, may be the last thing in your order of priorities as you plan for your big day. Unfortunately, most couples spend significantly more time and resources planning for their wedding day than for the years that follow.

The Journal of Family Psychology reports that couples with pre-marital counselling have a 31% less chance of divorce. This means that investing in marriage preparation coaching will improve your chances of remaining married by over 30%!

Marriage preparation

That is a remarkable statistic and one to take to heart

The greatest gift you can give yourself when starting out together is the gift of a strong and secure foundation.

Please consider the major life-changing significance of getting married, and ask yourself if you can really afford not to make marriage preparation your first priority? There is little point in ensuring that the wedding event goes off perfectly and you enjoy a magical honeymoon if the foundation is not stableā€¦If the marriage is not built on a secure base, nothing else will matter.

Let me help you give your marriage an exceptional head-start with a brief and highly effective package of Marriage Preparation Coaching!

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