“Peter’s wise and insightful approach made a significant difference when we were confronting the near-breakdown of our marriage. Peter was able to create a space in which each of us could focus on ourselves as individuals as well as being part of a couple. 

Somehow Peter calmed us down and helped us to calm each other down. The arguments and anger diminished and we learned a different way to relate and regain the intimacy that had been lost. We are deeply grateful and highly recommend his approach.” – Couple married for 12 years – London, UK: 2013

“We would love to schedule another session. Thank you for your ongoing wisdom and help to us, it has been such a gift, both for us as well as for the children.” – Couple married for 10 years – Melbourne, Australia (One partner is a psychiatrist): 2020

“Thought I would pass on some feedback for you from our sessions this morning. Jane and I found it very productive.  Our day has been peaceful and we have been compassionate towards each other.  It certainly has turned around the mood in the camp.  We look forward to the weeks ahead.” – Couple married for 18 years – Melbourne, Australia: 2020

“I was really stressed and not looking forward to that first couples session. I felt my marriage was over and there was no hope. Thank you for quickly helping us to focus on what mattered most. I now have new insights into how I reacted to James and how my early experience as a child had formed the person I was in my marriage.  

Over the past six months of working with you, I’ve discovered that I am in control of my own destiny and while it has taken time and effort, I’m proud to say we now have a strong healthy marriage and a beautiful baby girl and I am now in control of my life.” – Couple married for nearly 10 years – London, UK: 2018

Thank you for all your help, you tuned in to our relationship very quickly and worked out what was going on extremely empathetically and effectively. – Couple married for 7 years, Sydney, Australia: 2020

“After two years of various attempts at couples therapy and coaching, I was almost ready to give up. I did not want to repeat going over the same issues, only to end up back where we started. Peter was a breath of fresh air and I actually enjoyed our sessions. He opened our eyes to what we really wanted for ourselves, our marriage, our kids and for the rest of our lives.” – Couple married for 8 years, London, UK: 2015