Professional couple therapy with a difference.

My Background

I knew this was the work I was born to do when I was about 10 years old. However, I got diverted for 20 years, first becoming a film/television producer and writer and then a performing arts coach. I found my way back to therapy as we entered the new millennium and have been practising ever since.

My professional training includes over 20 years as an executive coach, counsellor and family therapist, with the past 10 years as a specialist in couple therapy. I was an early adopter of online therapy back in 2015 and this remains a significant part of my work. I also have a private practice in Harley Street, London and spend part of the year in Melbourne, Australia, where I am a visiting senior lecturer in a postgraduate family therapy programme. I hold a Masters of Social Science and a Master of Systemic and Family Therapy.

I have completed training in many relational models of individual and couples psychotherapy, attachment theory, sexual medicine, narrative practice and spiritual psychology. I’ve trained at the Anna Freud Centre and the Tavistock in London and the Ackerman Institute of the Family in New York. I’ve been privileged to learn from talented scholars and clinicians including Peter Fonagy, Anthony Bateman, Mark Solms, John & Julie Gottman, David Schnarch, Patricia Crittenden and Esther Perel.

I integrate the wisdom of ancient traditions with insight from many schools of philosophy, psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis. My work is grounded in a collaborative and non-diagnostic approach, which respects people’s skills, abilities, resources, sexual and relationship diversity, religious belief and preferences of life, without blame or judgement.

My Approach

Holding on to yourself is the first step to rescuing your relationship.

I recognise that most couples therapy is not effective and often makes things worse. I believe you deserve more! My approach is truly different as I emphasise “holding on to yourself” as an individual. That means developing a solid sense of who you are… your identity, your self-worth and your values. I help you to soothe yourself and keep your anxiety under control. This reduces the predictable reactivity that leads to conflict, arguments and blame, I will then guide you to modulate your responses and tolerate temporary discomfort to achieve personal growth and renewed relational connection.

Over 95% of couples I work with report that things are better after our time together. They leave feeling empowered and more able to engage with each other. They also report that even if just one partner can master the change process, there is a significant improvement in the dynamics of the relationship.

I offer a straight-talking approach and will tell you what I think and call you out when required. I will help you to quickly turn things around and co-create a long-term relationship based on the best in each of you and the future you most desire!

“Giving up your individuality to be together is as defeating in the long run as giving up your relationship to maintain your individuality. Either way, you end up being less of a person with less of a relationship.” – David Schnarch ‘Passionate Marriage’

Are we a good fit?

The type of clients who have the most success working with me are:

  • High achieving and otherwise successful couples who are stuck in self-defeating patterns
  • Fed up with their current situation and determined to create genuine lasting change
  • Want to get ‘unstuck’, reduce arguments, conflict and anger in the relationship
  • Want to gain clarity and confidence about the decision to stay together
  • Appreciate insight into where self-defeating behaviour comes from and how to stop it
  • Value challenging questions, direct feedback and a sense of humour

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