Complimentary consultation.


STEP ONE: I invite you to use the adjacent contact form to reach out, introduce yourself and arrange a complimentary consultation. If you prefer to email directly you can do this using the email address below. Either way, I will respond within 24 hours. During your initial complimentary Zoom call, I can meet with both of you or with just one partner. We will discuss your situation and ensure that we are a good fit and comfortable working together. I will also outline how I can best help you to achieve the change you are seeking.

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STEP TWO: If you decide to proceed, we will schedule our first session. (Please review my fees below). You can attend your first session together as a couple or individually. During our 90-minute Zoom session, I will seek to learn about your connection and development as individuals and as a couple…both what works and where you might be stuck or stalled.  We’ll explore the challenges you have faced, how you have coped and the reasons you are seeking help. I’ll also inquire about your vision for the relationship you want to create together.  Most importantly, we will collaborate on setting a clear direction for change!

STEP THREE: I will invite you to reflect on the experience of your first session and then to consider if you are ready to make a serious commitment to change. There is no pressure and I will suggest that you both let it simmer and maybe sleep on it before you decide. Then if you are ready to move forward, you will have the opportunity to commit to at least 4 sessions of transformational couples therapy. Alternatively, you can also choose to work with me for a more intensive approach with an 8-12 session plan. 


All consultations and sessions are currently available online using secure Zoom technology.

First Session (90 mins) – Fee based on location:

United Kingdom: GB£200

Australia: AU$350

Rest of the world: US$275

After our first session, reduced fee packages of 4-12 sessions are available. (Please see location pages for more details). These sessions can be attended either together as a couple or by individual partners.

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