Couples Therapy: Intensive, Direct and Brief

A highly effective process of change

After many years in private practice at Harley Street, London, I have created and refined a brief and highly effective process for couples to significantly reduce conflict, rebuild trust, gain confidence about the next steps and ultimately, create a clear direction for enduring change.

I’m not just a general psychologist who has added “marriage counselling” to a long list of generic individual therapy services… I’m a highly trained, qualified and internationally accredited systemic couple therapy specialist, with decades of experience helping otherwise successful couples survive and thrive in the face of relationship distress.

Your motivation for change is critical to your relationship’s success. If you are ready to make a serious commitment and investment to saving your marriage, I invite you to let me help you rapidly achieve the breakthrough you are seeking.

Work with me

There are three ways you can work with me:

1. Foundation Intensive: High-impact introductory first session: Online or in-person.

2. Couple Intensive: Half-day (4 hours) or the complete programme (16 hours) over 3-4 days: Online or in person.

3. Fortnightly Sessions: Couples, families and individuals. Scheduled every second week: Online or in person.

Start Here:

Complimentary Consultation – 20 minutes: Online only

  • A complimentary introductory call to introduce myself and explain how I work. I will also answer any questions you may have about the process. 
  • During the call, I will seek to understand your relationship issues and outline how I can help and how best to proceed.

Foundation Intensive, including comprehensive assessment

Introductory first session for couples or individuals – 1 hour 20 mins: In-person or online.

  • An introductory first session provides an opportunity to deeply explore the big picture, get a clear sense of the patterns behind your relationship distress, and then navigate a path toward enduring change
  • You will leave your first session with helpful feedback and powerful action-oriented skills to help you quickly implement change.

Subsequent Sessions:

  • If you decide to continue after your first session you can then book a Couple Intensive or ongoing fortnightly sessions.

Intensive Couple Therapy

Developed in collaboration with the Couples Institute of California and recently featured in the Wall Street Journal

Half-day mini-intensive, including comprehensive assessment: In-person and online

The complete programme of intensive couple therapy: 16 hours over 3-4 days: In-person and online

  • This popular and in-demand service is the most effective way to fast-track months of therapy. This is like emergency surgery for your relationship. You will rapidly identify how you are gridlocked and then learn the skills to achieve an immediate breakthrough.
  • The complete programme is 16 hours and can be tailored to your needs, e.g., two days (2 x 6 hours) plus a half-day follow-up or four half-day sessions (4 x 4 hours). Sessions can be scheduled consecutively or over several weeks. Half-day intensives can also be booked independently.
  • You can also start with a no-obligation Foundation Assessment to gain insight into your situation and help you decide how best to proceed.
  • The Couple Intensive is available either in person or online.
  • In-person Couple Intensives can be arranged in London either mid-week or on Sundays. There is also the option to arrange an intensive at a location of your choice, either in the UK or abroad.

Fortnightly Sessions

Couples and families: 1.5-hour sessions are scheduled every second week: Online or in-person

Individuals: 1-hour sessions are scheduled every second week: Online or in-person

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

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