Intensive Couple Therapy

The fastest and most effective solution

Developed in collaboration with the Couples Institute of California and recently featured in the Wall Street Journal

I have developed the exclusive Couple Intensive programme to deliver several months of therapy in just 16 hours. Intensive couple therapy is the most effective way to give your relationship the absolute best chance you can…and make change happen fast. 

My Couple Intensive approach offers a supportive and direct style that will enable you to move forward with the advanced tools and skills you need, whether you decide to stay together and work through the challenges or explore a different kind of family partnership. 

Maybe you’ve been stuck or stalled in your relationship for a long time and can’t decide whether to stay or go. Perhaps you want to have one last shot so you can discern what is the best way forward.

After 20 years of professional couple therapy, I have reached the point where I can confidently tell you that a Couple Intensive is the best choice you can make.

I work with executive, entrepreneurial and creative couples who have attained success in their careers, but who are struggling in relationships and marriage. They seek change and need it now, not in 3-6 months or a year. They also need this to be a transformational and permanent change. 

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In just 16 hours together, I can help you discover where you are stuck or stalled and how to rediscover intimacy, compassion and deep connection. The intensive approach is especially helpful for couples in crisis, often deadlocked in shame and blame, hostile dependency or stories of betrayal.

During your Couple Intensive, you will focus on quickly learning a new way to communicate that will help you let go of judgment, shame and blame. 

Couple intensives are my favourite way of working with motivated couples because I know how effective it can be and I am confident that you experience immediate results. Unlike long-term couple therapy where we meet every other week for 3-6 months, The Couple Intensive empowers you to create a path to change in just 16 hours. 

Many of the couples who have experienced this tell me that the process takes on a life of its own and that the change just continues to unfold in the days and weeks after their Couple Intensive. You will emerge with tools to help you to navigate the inevitable ruptures, and the skills to create your unique repair, enabling rapid reconnection and flourishing.

The experience has been compared to immersive language learning, except in this case, you are learning a new love language. It’s also very much like emergency surgery, where we get to the heart of the issues that you are struggling with, treat those problems and then empower you with the skills and tools to heal and create new possibilities together. 

How does it work

The Couple Intensive is a private customised experience.

I work one-on-one with a couple, utilising my proven method of working through months of couples’ relationship therapy. Couple Intensives are available as either a half day (approx 4 hours) or a complete programme of 16 hours over 3-4 days, which can be tailored to meet your needs. EG: two days with a half-day follow-up or four half-days. You can arrange these sessions on consecutive days or a few days or weeks apart. You can also book a half-day intensive independently as a stand-alone session. Couple Intensives can be arranged in person in London (mid-week or Sunday option available) or online. It is also possible to arrange an Intensive at a venue of your choice, either in the UK or abroad.

Repair your relationship in just 16 hours!

Suppose you are on the brink of divorce or struggling with more complex dynamics like infidelity or high levels of constant conflict. In that case, the full Couple Intensive is the ideal emergency intervention. This approach will improve the day-to-day dynamics of the relationship and create a clear direction for change. 

As you discover your triggers for anger and the toxic relationship dance pattern, you will begin to move from shame and blame to a transformational way to relate to each other and create an effective roadmap with a deeper sense of empathy and understanding.

Your Couple Intensive will provide you with in-depth support and intensively focused sessions. You will be guided toward healing and learn how to become grounded in a radically different approach to communication and deep connection. Your Couple Intensive will connect you with the heart and soul of change and a new way of being together.

Intensive couple therapy locations

Couple Intensives work best when you create a retreat experience in a relaxed environment away from the distraction and stress of home and family. This offers time to allow the intensity of the work you are doing to be fully absorbed and integrated. 

Couple Intensive London

In-person Couple Intensives are available at my comfortable private therapy rooms at Wimpole Street. In-person Intensives can be arranged either mid-week or on a Sunday. You can book a half-day Intensive independently. The full programme is 16 hours over 3-4 days. EG: Two days plus a half-day follow-up or four half-days.

Couple Intensive – Online or at a venue of your choice

The Couple Intensive can be booked online. The online version is scheduled as four half-days. Alternatively, I can arrange a fully bespoke Couple Intensive experience at the location of your choice. I have scheduled such tailor-made events at a private club in London or abroad in Italy and Spain. Full details can be discussed during our initial consultation.

Couple Intensive – Follow-up sessions

Additional follow-up sessions, either together or individually may also be arranged.

During our initial complimentary consultation, I would be pleased to explain all the options in more detail and discuss which format would best suit your situation.

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