Counselling Services

Couple Therapy

Much of the joy and pain in life is experienced in our relationships. Couple therapy could be the greatest investment in your own health and well-being as well as for your partner and family. My unique approach will help you navigate the most challenging relationship crisis.

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Divorce Support

Divorce is a life-changing experience and many forces can line up against you. It does not need to be this way! I have worked with many couples to navigate this minefield, process grief and create a collaborative outcome that helps you and your family emerge stronger and more empowered.  

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Discernment Counselling

If your relationship is on the brink of collapse and one partner has left or is thinking about leaving, discernment counselling offers a powerful alternative to couples therapy with a focus on gaining clarity and confidence about the decision to either stay or go.

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couple intensive

Couple Intensive

Couple Intensives are the most effective way to rapidly achieve change in any relationship. I offer a unique two-day in-person Couple Intensive in London (online option also available) Experience the powerful impact of 3 months of therapy in just 16 hours and achieve a rapid and transformational breakthrough.  

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surviving infidelity

Surviving Infidelity

Recover from the trauma of infidelity and rebuild trust and deep connection. No matter how bad things may seem and even if you think there is no way out except divorce, I can assure you that it is possible to recover from the trauma of a painful affair.

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neurodiverse couples

Neurodiverse Couples

Are you experiencing the confusion and frustration of a neurodiverse relationship? I can help create a safe space for neurodiverse couples to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other by exploring different perspectives and learning how to create a flourishing supportive partnership.

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Additional Relationship Counselling Services

Individual Relationship Therapy

It only takes one to tango… If you are struggling to find or maintain a relationship or if you feel lonely and isolated in your marriage, Individual Relationship Therapy can help you make changes that will transform your relationship connections.

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Entrepreneurial Couples

I have extensive experience working with entrepreneurial, creative and high-profile couples in London, New York, San Jose, Los Angeles and Dubai. I understand the unique challenges of your situation and the requirement for confidentiality, discretion and protection of your privacy.

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Family Therapy

I’m an experienced Family Therapist and I can help your family to work together to resolve challenging issues. You will develop the tools you need to overcome stress and become a source of strength, support and nurturing for each other.

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Sex Therapy

Sex and sexuality are natural, healthy aspects of life! They also help develop a sense of self-identity and deep connection in a relationship. I believe that it is vital that partners explore what is important to them and what they need and want in the intimate space they share.

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Addiction Therapy

Don’t allow addictive behaviours to consume your marriage. Substance misuse and compulsive sexual behaviour (sex addiction) are often caused by the pain of trauma. The past can show up in your relationship in unexpected ways. The process of recovery heals the mind, body and spirit.

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Parenting Marriage

If you no longer share a romantic or sexual connection, you are not obligated to divorce. It’s OK to make a conscious mutual choice to stay together based on a desire to project and raise your children. Let me show you how you can choose to both stay AND go!

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Family Business Relationships

Family businesses often encounter challenges when boundaries of personal and business conflict become merged. When this unresolved conflict infects a business environment, the impact is felt in reduced productivity and profits. I help navigate these conflicts to achieve more harmony at home and at work.

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Marriage Preparation

Pre-Marriage Counselling and Coaching can improve your chance of success by over 30%. Create a lasting and loving marriage by tackling hidden issues and building a secure and solid relationship foundation. Enrich your most important partnership before you say “I do”!

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