Helping couples online for over five years.

Well before the pandemic, I was an early adopter of online couple therapy. I moved a substantial portion of my practice online over 5 years ago and I’m now one of the most experienced couples therapists working remotely with clients in many different locations worldwide. Initially, it was viewed as a way to help long-distance couples or couples separated by jobs or military service. However, the pandemic has now created a situation where it is the only safe way to seek professional help with a relationship crisis.

I believe that online couples therapy is not just a temporary measure during the pandemic but that it will now become much more widely accepted. I am convinced this is an incredibly effective method of delivering therapy and I am very comfortable working with clients in this way.

My unique approach to marriage counselling is available for clients anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of their homes or offices.

The benefits of online marriage counselling

We all experience the pressure of time and attempting to find a regular space when two partners can meet together for therapy can be really challenging.

Assuming we are meeting for 1-2 hours, by the time you take into account a possible commute to the clinic of one hour each way…that makes an investment of 4 hours or half a day. If one or both members of the couple are in an executive or professional role or they work outside normal hours, sometimes such a commitment is simply impossible.

Couples may be separated for many reasons. With online therapy, you and your partner do not need to be in the same place. You can be in different locations in the same city, or on the other side of the world. You can even be in different rooms in the same house!

Online therapy is private, secure and confidential and offers the opportunity to get the professional help you need.


“After two years of various attempts at couples therapy and coaching, I was almost ready to give up. I did not want to repeat going over the same issues, only to end up back where we started. Peter was a breath of fresh air and I actually enjoyed our sessions. He opened our eyes to what we really wanted for ourselves, our marriage, our kids and for the rest of our lives.”

Rachel – Hampstead, London

COVID-19 Pandemic.

I remain open and I continue to accept new clients worldwide using secure online Zoom video conferencing.

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Online consultations worldwide.

For clients based in the UK please visit my London page for the option of in-person consultations at my Harley Street practice (Currently suspended due to pandemic).

For clients based in Australia please visit my Melbourne or Sydney pages.

First Session

  • Couples: 90-minutes: UK: £200 / Australia: A$350 / Rest of the world: US$275
  • Individuals: 60-minutes: UK£150 / Australia: A$250/ Rest of the world: US$200


  • 3 session package (save 10%)
  • 5 session package (save 15%)