Family Therapy

Professional family therapy

I’m a highly experienced family therapist and I am very comfortable working jointly with families. In addition to supporting couples in relationship distress, I can also help parents and adult children, young adult and adolescent children, grandparents, in-laws, siblings, step-parents, blended and extended families.

Professional family therapy will help you learn and develop the tools to overcome challenges, strengthen your relationships and create a supportive and mutually nurturing family environment.

How family therapy can help

  • Conflicts with adult or adolescent children
  • Issues between couples and in-laws
  • Adult sibling relationships
  • Mother and adult son/daughter relationships
  • Father and adult daughter/son relationships
  • Helping elderly parents and coping with illness
  • Creating a successful blended family
  • Step-parent relationships
  • Relationships with former spouses
  • Intercultural and interfaith relationships
  • Family cut-offs and secrets
  • Problems with In-laws
  • Sharing custody of your child
  • Collaborative separation and divorce
Family Therapy

What is the goal of Family Therapy?

Families can often be a source of division and conflict with the first casualty being the ability to listen to each other, hear what is being said and be able to speak and be heard. Family therapy seeks to make a shift from the individual agendas of ‘how can we get our needs met’?’ to what does our family need to survive and thrive. To achieve this, families need both support and emotional resources. I am a professional family therapist and I can assess what your family may need and develop a plan for change that makes sense for you and that enables everyone to get on board. Most importantly, I can help each individual within the family to see the other members for who they really are, with a culture of listening and being heard. When such family dynamics start to occur, the conflict quickly reduces and the healing begins.


Family pathology rolls from generation to generation like a fire in the woods taking down everything in its path until one person, in one generation, has the courage to turn and face the flames. That person brings peace to his ancestors and spares the children that follow.”

Terry Real

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