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Professional marriage counselling with a fresh perspective.

Peter Fowler Couple and Family Therapist

Create a life worth living and loving.

We often learn to tolerate the experiences in life that we believe we cannot change. A dissatisfying relationship does not need to be one of them! Maybe you’re facing a loss of intimacy, the pain of infidelity, a crisis of constant conflict, or perhaps you’re at the crossroads of divorce? My unique approach to couple therapy is compassionate, brief and highly effective. No matter how bad things may seem, I can help you break the emotional gridlock and create a life worth living and loving.

I believe that how we love or struggle to love, with all the joy and pain of that experience, resonates deeply within families and echoes through time for generations to come. We always have a choice about that legacy and I invite you to consider working with me to set a clear direction for change.

Couple Therapy

Create the relationship you want and rekindle intimacy, desire and deep connection.

Survive Infidelity

Restore trust, heal and recover from the trauma of a painful affair.

Discernment Counselling

When you’re on the brink of divorce, discover if your marriage can be saved.

Executive couples therapy. Online or in-person at Harley Street London.

I’m a professional couple and family therapist…not just a general psychotherapist offering marriage counselling, but an experienced specialist. I’m dedicated to working with high achieving and otherwise successful couples, that are stuck in self-defeating patterns which block them from reaching their full potential.

I spent the first half of my working life in the creative industries and I have a particular interest in working with business owners, executives and creative people, including high profile couples who depend on confidentiality and discretion. I know from my own experience how entrepreneurs and creative people are driven by mind and emotion and why they often dance to the beat of a different drum. 

I offer secure online or in-person therapy for executive and professional couples and individuals in London and throughout the world. Get the specialist help you need to reduce conflict, rediscover passion and create a deep relational connection.

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