Couple Therapy Specialist

I help successful people create great relationships. Marriage counselling with a fresh perspective!

Couple Therapy Specialist

I help successful people create great relationships. Marriage counselling with a fresh perspective!

Create a Life Worth Living and Loving

We often learn to tolerate the experiences in life that we believe we cannot change. A dissatisfying relationship does not need to be one of them! Maybe you’re facing a loss of intimacy, the pain of infidelity, a crisis of constant conflict, or perhaps you’re at the crossroads of divorce? My unique approach to couples relationship therapy is compassionate, brief and highly effective. No matter how bad things may seem, I can help you break the emotional gridlock and create a life worth living and loving.

I believe that how we love or struggle to love, with all the joy and pain of that experience, resonates deeply within families and echoes through time for generations to come. We always have a choice about that legacy and I invite you to consider working with me to set a clear direction for change.

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Executive Couple Therapy London and Online

Profound results and a rapid path to enduring change.

I’m a specialist couple and family therapist with a deep understanding of high-achieving and otherwise successful couples, stuck in self-defeating relationship patterns that block them from reaching their full potential. I understand that even those who have accomplished great things both professionally and personally can still struggle with relationship distress.

Recognised as the preferred couple therapist for business leaders in London, my unique intensive approach has helped many executive couples to navigate the challenges of a marriage crisis. Let’s be clear… I’m not a psychologist who has added couples therapy to a long list of generic individual services… I’m a highly trained, qualified and internationally accredited couple therapy specialist.

My approach is based on deep insight and attunement with a focus on working intensively with couples to achieve rapid transformational change. Many of my clients have made several previous unsuccessful attempts at couples therapy. Hence my reputation for working with couples that no other therapist has been able to help

I will quickly identify where you may be stuck or stalled and what is standing in the way of experiencing the relationship you most desire. If you’re motivated to gain clarity about what you really want and are willing to make change happen, you are in the right place.

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