Couple therapy programmes.

Let’s work together

I am available to meet Monday-Friday at my private practice located at 1 Harley Street, London. This is a tranquil space that has operated as a therapy suite for over 30 years.

I am also available for confidential secure online ZOOM sessions. This has become my preferred method of working as it provides maximum convenience and flexibility with session times and availability

I work with otherwise successful couples who are facing relationship distress.

All couple therapy starts with a COUPLE INTENSIVE. This is a 2-hour session that will explore the values that helped you build the relationship, the kind of relationship you want to create, how you aspire to be in the relationship and what is standing in the way of making that happen. The session will help to create a clear direction for change.

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If one of you is significantly ‘leaning out’ of the marriage or has already left and there is a ‘mixed agenda’ or you just can’t decide to stay or go, rather than start with a COUPLE INTENSIVE, our first session will be a DECISION INTENSIVE. This will be a unique 2-hour session that combines couple and individual time. The goal is to help you understand how you reached this point and to gain clarity and confidence with the decision about the future of your relationship. You will also decide if you are ready to start couple therapy.

Following your initial 2-hour intensive session, If we both feel we are a good fit and you are ready to move ahead, I will invite you to commit to a 90-day programme where we meet for 6 sessions every other week. Four of the sessions will be 90 minute couples time and two will be 60-minute individual time. The total programme will represent approx 10 hours of face to face therapy and coaching. Follow-up and ongoing support programmes are also available.

My standard hourly fee is £275


Private Session

1-hour confidential consultation.

Relationship therapy for both couples and individuals.


Couple Intensive

2 hours of intensive therapy for couples.

Also applies to Decision Intensive.


Relational Recovery

6 sessions with 10 hours of intensive therapy and coaching.

Meet fortnightly over 90 days.

£2500 (or 3 payments of £850)

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